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Other instances, your home’s locks haven’t been changed for a long time and maybe some key duplicates got stolen or lost, then an intruder can easily break into your home. Because of these reasons, rekeying locks near me have become a need for homeowners. Let’s see, the top reasons you should re-key your locks.

Re-Key home door locks after buying a home

re-key house door locks when you buy a home

Many homeowners should re-key their locks when they buy a new home. This can help new homeowners have a better sense of safety in their unfamiliar house as it removes the anxiety of not knowing who else may have a key to their home.

The past homeowners may have given duplicates of their keys to past neighbors, family members, or friends—or lost the key and anybody could have it! Re-keying a new homes locks is a cost-effective approach to protect your home when moving or renting a fresh place. If you can afford impact windows near your area, contact a window installation company

Re-Key home door locks after living in a home for a long time

Although most homeowners re-key their locks after they have recently moved in, you can re-key your locks whenever. You can re-key your home door locks for many reasons, for example, forgetting the number of duplicates of a key you have copied and unable to remember who has the duplicates.

After some time, people can duplicate keys again and again, and when they fall into inappropriate hands, it can mean something bad for the homeowner’s peaceful lives.

The longer you have the same set of keys for your door locks, it is almost 100 percent sure that duplicates of that key will get lost or copied without your permission. If you have a sturdy lock, it’s a smart idea to give your locks interior mechanism a refresh, for the good of safety.

Re-keying an old door lock

door lock rekeying

Homeowners should also rekey an old door lock. Most locksmiths believe that door locks can have a lifespan of about seven years with proper care. A locksmith can re-key a lock to help you insert the key in better, turn better, and save you from a lock service charge if the key gets stuck inside.

When a locksmith comes to your home to re-key locks, they can let you know whether a lock needs a replacement instead of a re-key.

End of a relationship or when a roommate moves out

Sometimes, we live happily with a roommate, your wife or girlfriend, or a friend. But when these individuals leave, it might be essential to make it difficult for them to get inside to your home without your consent.

Inability to rekey door locks means they can still enter the house when they want, representing a danger to you and occupants and property. It is more dreadful when a family is going through a horrible divorce.

Often, someone can even plot to hurt you or steal your belongings. To prevent a break-in or a home invasion, get an expert locksmith to help with rekeying your door locks.

Rekey home door locks after a break-in

burglar with a gun

If your home has experience a burglary, taking some steps to protect yourself from future attacks by rekeying the locks. This can provide a sense of comfort and security, besides help lessen the feeling of violation caused by the break-in.

Also, by hiring a professional locksmith at your home to upgrade your security you will intimidate any potential intruders since repeat burglaries occur frequently.

Difference between rekeying and replacing a lock

Many homeowners don’t know the differences between re-keying a lock and a lock replacement. Replacing a lock can cost more money and time-consuming and requires changing the entire lock and even handles. Re-keying a lock is a more affordable alternative that doesn’t require as much time or cash as the locksmith just needs to reset the pins in the lock mechanism of an entryway and makes another key that matches.

Sometimes, replacing a lock might be a superior option when you have an old door lock and handle mechanism. Also, if your lock doesn’t provide the security you need or you want a lock that matches your front door design. Remember, re-keying your current door lock doesn’t improve security since it’s the same lock but it can save time and cash.

Typically, when you have installed a sturdy lock but lost the keys and you want to prevent a break-in or home invasion, you opt for a rekey service. Need info on door lock replacement and rekeying continue reading below?

Why do a Door Lock Replacement Instead of Rekeying?

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