Our automotive locksmith in Orlando service experts hear it repeatedly, an child car lockout situation occurs with a child left in the car. It can happen to anyone. A child dying in a hot vehicle. This tragic event regularly happens when a parent changes their everyday routine or don’t have a routine for checking for their child.

Often, children can also get locked themselves inside the car too while you’re in the house and they’re playing outside. Many times people leave their cars unlocked because they’re safe at home but small hands can open doors and kids love to play games like hide and seek hiding in a hot car causing a tragic end.

Many times, we scratch our heads asking “How does a child get locked inside a car?” and How can a small child die in the vehicle? As a parent, I wouldn’t want anyone to experience such a tragic event. Parents who forget their kid in the vehicle are not lousy parents, it just an accident.

So, our car locksmith Orlando will provide tips on how to prevent an accidental child car lockout situation.

Monitor your child’s movements

child driving a car

We probably played hide and seek when we were young but never hid inside a car, but children now live in a unique world of adventures. Shutting their eyes causes them to think that people can’t see them. This means children are playful and imaginative and love playing games like tag and hide and seek.

Being playful and happy pretending can be their doom. They could pick your family vehicle as a hiding spot and even imitate the way you drive while at the steering wheel. The problem comes up when the child presses the buttons and accidentally locks themselves inside. So, make sure to monitor your children outside and lock your car even if it’s safely parked outside your driveway.

Keep spare keys handy for an emergency

If an accidental child lockout occurs in a supermarket, you can easily get your spare keys and open the door. We recommend having two spare keys and if you don’t have one please make sure to call us so you can have your backup ready in case a lockout occurs. Should the case of a child accidental lockout happens, it is smart to be prepared with an extra set of keys to open the vehicle.

If you experience a lockout child emergency (especially a day with blistering temperatures) and find yourself without an extra key, I recommend breaking the vehicle window to enter quickly and get your kid out. Use a shirt and a tool to break a window because your child can die of heat exhaustion in a matter of minutes. Just use caution, you don’t want to cut yourself.

Having an extra key in the vehicle

car key replacement Orlando

You don’t really want to break your door window, but you don’t have a spare car key in your possession. But if you had it hidden somewhere in the car so you wouldn’t have to break a window to enter.

This is essential as it will help lower confusion during a car lockout. Call an expert locksmith to make an extra key and store it in a safe place in the car. Usually, under the car seems logical with a metal box that has a magnet or inside the hood close to the battery, but only if your hood opens with a thump.

Inspect your car door locks

Sadly, children are vulnerable to accidental lockouts. However, almost all modern cars have auto-lock features, which means a child can get in the vehicle, and then get stuck inside. As I told you above, monitor your kid’s movements all the time.

Also, check the conditions of the locks of your vehicle. You can call a reliable locksmith to inspect your vehicle locks and provide regular lock maintenance to lower the odds of key breaking causing a vehicle lockout.

Good habits of checking for your child

child locked inside a car

Minimizing everyday responsibilities can help with decreasing accidental lockouts. Be cautious while stopping at the supermarkets to pick grocery items as this could open the children to accidental lockouts.

You should train yourself in the habit of looking for your child while entering and exiting your car. This will help in being more careful and even lower the odds of forgetting your child in the vehicle.

When you practice the above tips, they can assist you in preventing these tragedies. The kids need education on car safety too from not playing in the car to knowing what the buttons do particularly the locking buttons so they can get out too.

Call Local Lock LLC experts to prevent child car lockout situation being a tragic accident

If you have locked your child in the vehicle, you should contact authorities, and then a professional locksmith. Locksmiths can get your kids out safely if you have the time, make spare keys and hide under the car so you don’t have to suffer this crisis again.

Lockout services can cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds depending on your situation.

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